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Textrol Laboratories, Inc. offers a wide variety of strand tensioning device solutions to meet any custom tensioning need.  On this page you can read a brief description of our company's products.  For more detailed information on each device's capabilities, as well as pictures, click on the corresponding product in the left column.

Accutense Unit

Accutense Unit

Adjustatense Unit

Adjustatense Unit



Accumeter Unit

Accumeter Unit


An electromagnetic hysteresis brake for precise yarn/strand tension control within +/- 5% of the tension set point.  Available in both 24VDC and 60VDC input power with a wide variety of tension ranges.  The Accutense is available with a multitude of different creel/mounting brackets, stop motions, pretensions, and programmable controllers to fit any of your custom needs!

Accumeter / Accupulse

An Accumeter is a standard Accutense (tension control module) with an added stop motion and/or a pulse generator feature.  The Accupulse's pulse generator is to count the pulses per revolution of the yarn carrier for measurement of the amount of yarn/wire being processed (in yards or meters).  The Accupulse is not designed to add tension to the strand.

Tension Deviation Control System (TDCS)

The TDCS is a closed loop electromagnetic tensioning device that corrects the out going strand tension to +/- 1% of the tension set point.  The TDCS unit has built in stop motion features and tension display.  Precise tension monitoring for any type of yarn, wire or rope strands.

Tangential Brakes

An electromagnetic tensioning device for unrolling/dereeling applications of strand material (typically flat no twist yarns).  Tangential Brakes incorporate the strand unrolling directly off a package or spool being held by the tangential brake spindle as it turns.

Tension Meters

Stationary mounted in-line tension meters to monitor the strand tension at that point.  Available in a large variety of tension ranges.  Textrol Laboratories tension meters can be configured and calibrated to work in both horizontal or vertical strand travel applications.

Controller/Power Supplies

All electromagnetic tension devices require 24VDC or 60VDC power to operate.  Textrol Laboratories, Inc. offers simple power supplies for single device operation to multi-thousand unit control with programmable PLC Control and everything in between.


Permanent magnet tension devices in a wide variety of tension ranges.   Most commonly used in cabling, twisting, and winding operations.   Adjustatense devices also work well in sewing, plying, coil winding, braiding, and knitting machine applications.

GE Brakes

GE Brakes are permanent magnet tensioning devices perfect for lower tension ranges where electrical power is not desired.  The 200 series has a built in yarn carrier and is capable of 3g to 10g tension control.  The 300 & 400 series are generally provided without a yarn carrier (though carriers are available).  The torque produced by the 300 series is .4 to 4 oz-in.  The 400 series generates 2 to 14 oz-in.

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