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GE Brakes

GE Brakes are permanent magnet tension devices having torque ratings which are substantially constant regardless of the speed of the shaft (max 1500 RPM).  The amount of torque (tension) is variable by rotating the movable member towards the stationary member (clockwise produces more torque, counterclockwise produces less torque).

The 200 series has a built in yarn carrier and is capable of 3g to 10g tension control (see Figure 1).  The 300 & 400 series are generally provided without a yarn carrier (though carriers are available).  The torque produced by the 300 series is .4 to 4 oz-in (see Figure 2).  The 400 series generates 2 to 14 oz-in (see Figure 3).

For the 300 & 400 series with a customer provided carrier, the available output tension is calculated by the following formula: T = Fr.

  • F = Force (tension) in pounds (lbs)
  • r = Radius of force in inches (radius of carrier)
  • T = Torque in pound-inches (lbs-in)
  • Conversion Notes: T x 16 = oz-in & 453.6 grams = 1 pound

The 200 series mounts by the protruding #8-32 mounting shaft while the 300 & 400 series have four taps on each end for mounting.  The use of the mounting holes on the shaft end are recommended for best results.

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