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Controllers / Power Supplies

Textrol Laboratories, Inc. offers many DC power supplies to meet each application's need.  The correct power supply requirements are based on the following data:

  1. Plant Supply Voltage: 220 VAC or 110 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  2. Outgoing Supply Voltage: 24 VDC or 60 VDC to tension units
  3. Number of units being supplied determines the amperage load on the power supply. (A 60 VDC tension unit generally requires .08 Amps each.  A 24 VDC tension unit requires .25 Amps each)

The Amperage ratings available are:

Small Power Supplies -
  • .5 Amp @ 60 VDC Output
  • 1 Amp @ 24 VDC Output

On .5 and 1 Amp power supplies, the tension is controlled by infinitely varying the voltage with a precision 10 turn potentiometer located on the front face.  A digital LED voltmeter measures and displays the output voltage.

Medium Power Supplies -
  • 5 Amps @ 60 VDC Output

5 Amp power supplies are available with programmable PLC controls with touch screens.  More economical and simpler 5 Amp power supplies are also available with manual potentiometer control.

Large Power Supplies -

Much larger, high amperage, multi-zone power supplies are available for large unit quantity applications.  These power supplies are provided with programmable PLC's and Touch screens.

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