Textrol Laboratories


The following guidelines help determine whether your tensioning device can be repaired by you (the customer) or if it must be sent to Textrol Laboratories, Inc. for repairs.

High Tension

  1. Check for the correct Yarn Path
  2. Check the supply package.  Exchange the package with one from a position that has a good tension reading.
  3. Exchange the tension device with one that has a known good tension reading.
  4. Check all eyelets on the bracket and in the yarn path to the take-up for abrasions, cracks, or missing.
  5. Check the number of yarn wraps on the wheel.  There should only be one.
  6. Check the yarn stabilizer, making sure it is clean and the yarn path is correct.
  7. Remove the wheel and check for yarn behind it.  Remove yarn if present, replace the wheel, making sure to tighten the set screw on the flat of the shaft.  The wheel should turn freely when the accutense is removed from the stanchion or the power is set to zero volts.

Low Tension

  1. Check the yarn path, especially through yarn stabilizer
  2. Check the yarn carrier for wear.  Normal wear will generally occur in one to two years.  Wear will be seen as a groove where the yarn normally rides in the carrier.
  3. Check the set screw holding the wheel on the shaft, tighten if necessary.
  4. Check for static electricity, this can prevent the wheel from holding the yarn properly and can cause it to slip, decreasing the tension.

No Tension

  1. Check coil resistance, Pin 1 and 2.  No resistance indicates an open coil and must be returned to Textrol Laboratories for repair.
  2. Check the set screw in the wheel to make sure it is tight on the flat of the shaft.
  3. Check for bent pins in the "D" Sub connector, if bent then straighten very carefully.

Items that can be replaced in the field include:

  1. Wheels
  2. Eyelets and Retaining Rings
  3. Yarn Stabilizers
  4. Brackets without a rotary stop motion

After the above procedures have been completed and the unit is not within tolerance, please contact Textrol Laboratories for an RMA number.