Textrol Laboratories


Textrol Laboratories Inc.(formerly Textrol Inc.), is a world leader in Precision Yarn Tension Control Systems.  Textrol Laboratories offers the most advanced Hysteresis Brakes and Permanent Magnet Brakes for tension control systems in the world.  Our precision calibration methods give us the ability to build a world class Tension System for most of the Yarns, Strands, Ribbons, Etc. used in the industrial world.

Textrol Laboratories Inc. prides itself in creative solutions for our customer's custom tension applications; known world wide for its pioneering of the specialized controls for Cabling, Thread Measuring, and Hysteresis Brakes for the fiberglass industry.  As well as TDCS (tension deviation correction system) for Aramid Fibers, Carbon Fiber, Elastic Yarn (coated or uncoated), Nylon, Polypropylene, Wire, and others.

With the excellent quality of our tension devices and our ability to customize, we can meet all your tensioning needs.  Finding ways to save time and money in all your tensioning processes as well as increasing quality and production output for you product is what we strive for!

Established in 1971, Textrol Laboratories Inc. has specialized in precision control systems for the man made fiber/strand industry.  Our customer's applications range in versatility.  These applications range in size and scope from small delicate women's hosiery yarn to large coarse rope used in recreational climbing.

At Textrol Laboratories, our goal is not only to provide quality tensioners, but to provide quality service in all areas.  Whether you need customer service, sales support, technical support, or field support, we want to ensure that you receive the service(s) that you need.

Our customer base reads as a fortune 500 who's who of manufacturing companies world wide.  They make Textrol Laboratories Inc. the ideal source for specialized strand control systems for their product's applications.

Please browse thru our product offerings to get an idea on how Textrol Laboratories can help your company's tensioning requirements.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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